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Why wikoti?

Attract customers who will like your venue

With wikoti, travelers and locals discover your venue when searching on the spot.
Your visibility is amplified with wikoti recommendations to customers nearby.
Get customers instantly in case of a no-show, during off-peak-hours, or when you organize events or promote special offers
Stay-tuned with your audience

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Fixing no-shows and last-minute cancellations by instantly converting travelers and locals close to  your venue.
Getting more customers walking through your door during off-peak hours.

Just tell wikoti how many customers you are looking for, and wikoti will reach-out travelers and locals nearby who are searching for a similar venue right now and who usually like venues such as like yours.
wikoti will not rest until you get the customers you need. You define how long your campaign will last, and you can put it on hold or stop it at any time . Actual bookings are updated in real time.

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Fill your available capacity


Being actively recommended by wikoti to travelers and locals nearby.
Leveraging your page and videos to be discovered by potential customers.

Because customers buy with their eyes, wikoti enables you to post your own videos and pictures to enhance the description of your venue. You add meaningful information about your venue and offers, you link it with your own tags to highlight why customers should choose your venue like: terrace, vins de Bourgogne, piano bar, biggest burgers, Belgium beers, group friendly, ideal for business lunch, Friday’s live music…

Our smart search engine uses your information, your tags and guests reviews not only to ensure travelers and locals will discover you when searching for a specific venue but also to actively recommend your venue to customers nearby who are the most likely to enjoy it.

Because one-size-fits-all doesn't exist in your kind of business, wikoti’s searches permanently for the best match between potential customers nearby and your venue. No more bad reviews and low ratings, caused by a poor fit between your venue and your customers expectations!

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It has never been so simple to reach-out relevant travelers and locals nearby to let them know about your venue and events.
Enjoy higher conversion rates and instant customer conversions.

wikoti is disrupting the way businesses do online advertising by getting rid of the complexity of platforms like Facebook or Google. We believe your customers must decide when and what kind of offers they would like to receive.
wikoti will never spam, she just guarantees your ad reaches only the most relevant prospects at the right time, in the right location and when they are ready to buy.

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Follow your performance and benchmark yourself against similar venues.
Track the ROI of your marketing efforts in real time.

Do you know how many travelers discovered your venue last week?
Do you know what customers are looking for, in your neighborhood according to the days of the week, the hours of the day?
Do you know how many customers who have seen your page have decided to come to your venue?
Do you know how well you perform compared to similar venues?
wikoti knows it and will answer with simple metrics, providing personalized tips to help you turn that valuable data into a profitable and growing business.

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We don’t charge you for the bookings wikoti generates.
We use your existing booking solution(s) to save your money.

You have invested in a booking system and you pay a monthly fee and/or a commission per booking, wikoti will re-use the investment you already did, enabling travelers and locals to smoothly book tables/seats in your venue using your current booking solution.
wikoti doesn’t charge you for this service and will always use the cheapest route to minimize the fee charged by your booking solution supplier, indeed most of the time a wikoti reservation will cost you nothing!
On top of that, with its smart search and recommendation engines, wikoti maximizes your discoverability and drives traffic to your page, generating more bookings to your venue, always for free.

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Interact digitally with the customers in your venue and get higher engagement.
Push products or exclusive offers within your venue to boost your average ticket.

Push special offers to accelerate your inventory rotation, boost your happy hours. Foodies buy with their eyes: showcase your best products with pictures and videos, that your customers will discover in wikoti.
Boost your sales and increase your average ticket

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Are those benefits relevant to your business?

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